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Kadmar Travel Egypt

Lufthansa City Center

Kadmar Group

About Us

Who We Are?
Kadmar "K.T." Travel is a member of KADMAR Group that consists of Kadmar Shipping (The Parent Company) and E.G.L Egyptian Global Logistics (The Sister Company). Kadmar Group started in 1983 and has been providing the finest quality services to Egyptian and International customers since then. The Founder and Chairman of Kadmar Group is the highly esteemed: Admiral M. Hatim El Kady who is a well-known figure in the transport and travel industry in Egypt and the Middle East.
Kadmar Travel is a Destination Management Company that started in 2003.It delivers world-class service performance, maintains and develops a strong management team and has top level contacts with all suppliers and state governing authorities. Kadmar Travel is a young company, The average age of our associates is 28 years; and among them, they can converse with you in English, French, and German as well as Arabic. The Company, with a working capital in excess of $1,000,000 is home-away-from-home to all its employees and clients.

Kadmar Travel is a member of ETAA, UFTAA organizations & is directly in liaison with major travel insurance companies. We have been certified by the ISO 9001 since 2009 and constantly reviewing our systems to ensure that all our procedures are complying to international standards.
We undergo extensive training for our employees in order to be considered the vacation experts and we travel to the destinations we plan in order to select the perfect holidays for dream vacation. We know the best hotels, the best restaurants and the best destinations. All of this allows us to create the perfect all-inclusive experience for you.